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Safe Rainbow Trampolines Near Buffalo and Rochester, New York

How High Can You Bounce?

Rainbow Trampolines

Rainbow Trampoline:

  • Utilizes unique connection structure to attach the mat to the aluminum rod.
  • Safety Net is fastened with a zipper to the mat for ease in installation.
  • Aviation quality Aluminum Rods have replaced the traditional metal spring.
  • Aluminum Rods perform better than competitor’s fiberglass rods.
  • Uses a hidden frame that keeps the jumping surface above the spring mechanism.
  • On the net use a curved rod to keep the upright away from the bouncer.
  • Best Ladder in the industry.
  • Best hoop in the industry.
  • Heavy duty steel frame construction.
kids playing on trampoline
two kids playing on trampoline
group of kids playing on trampoline
group of kids jumping on a trampoline
young child playing on trampoline

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