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Aboveground Pool, Bullfrog Spa, & Playset Service

We Service What We Sell!

Swimming Pool Services

We service what we sell! Part of our commitment to you is that when you buy a pool playset, trampoline or hot tub from Alden Pools & Play, we are available year-round for any support or service needs.

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Pool Openings

Aboveground starting at $249
Inground starting at $399

  • Pump off and remove winter cover to dry
    • Customer must remove excess debris and water during fall and spring.
  • Hooking up the filter & pump system
  • Add opening chemicals
  • Test filter & pump for leaks if water is full
  • Replace filter sand (optional)

Pool Closings

Aboveground starting at $249
Inground starting at $399

  • Quick Skim of excess leaves
    • Customer must clean pool ahead of time.
  • Lowering water level
  • Add pool closing chemicals
  • Removal of ladder or basic stairs
  • Winterizing filter & pump


General Pool Service

  • Filter & Pump Installation
  • Filter & Pump Repair
  • Chlorine Free Oxygen Pool System Installation
  • Frog Leap Low Chlorine Mineral Care Installation
  • Loop Loc and Meyco Safety Cover Installation
pool in backyard

Playset/Swingset Services

  • Assembly of your new Rainbow Play System
  • Moving your Rainbow Play System to your new yard
  • Staining your faded swing set
  • Installing or Moving your Trampoline

Bullfrog Spa Hot Tub Service

  • In-store water testing
  • Drain & Refill
  • Chemicals
  • Service Calls