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Professional Tips and Information

Pool Care Advice Near Buffalo and Rochester, New York

Simple Pool Care

At Alden Pools & Play, we want to ensure your complete satisfaction with your pool, which is why we offer professional pool care information to keep your system running smoothly. Take a look through our selection of maintenance information for help, or feel free to give us a call for more in-depth assistance.

The Five Keys to Pool Care

There are five areas that you must pay close attention to in order to enjoy a smooth-running and reliable pool. These areas include:
  1. Circulation — Keep water circulating for 12 hours each day, or 24 hours if you’re experiencing problems
  2. Filtration — Remove solid particles from the water with sand, earth or cartridge filters for fresher, cleaner water
  3. Cleaning — Weekly brushing is recommended to prevent pool problems. Manually vacuum pool as needed
  4. Chemistry — Keep a pool regular program with sanitizers, oxidizers and an algaecide for a clean and fresh pool
  5. Testing — Test your water to measure critical water factors. Water should be professionally tested and balanced twice a year

Winterizing Your Pool

When the weather reaches temperatures down to 50° Fahrenheit, it’s time to winterize your pool to ensure protection. This is done through:
  • Balancing the water with a pH of 7.2 to 7.6
  • Thoroughly vacuuming and brushing the pool
  • Ensuring the pool has proper sanitizer levels
  • Using a winter closing kit and following
  • manufacturer instructions.
  • Lowering the water level (Do NOT drain the pool)

Opening Your Pool

In the Spring when temperatures reach upwards of 50° Fahrenheit, you can ready your pool for use once more. To do this, you’ll need to:
  • Remove, clean and dry the pool cover
  • Begin to fill your pool to its proper level
  • Use recommended chemicals to clean water
  • Hook up and run your sand/earth filter for 24 hours
  • Bring in a water sample to test, balance and adjust your pH levels

Chlorine-Free Baquacil

Make your pool care much more manageable with the chlorine-free Baquacil system that helps to sanitize your pool water without the harsh chlorine-related side-effects. Enjoy your pool time without any of the unwanted eye or skin irritation, dry or discolored hair or faded swimsuits.

Pool Chlorine Options

As one of the most-used chemicals for pools of all sizes, chlorine is a great investment for any pool owner. We recommend Bioguard brand chlorine to help make your water crystal-clear and silky-soft for all of your guests. Choose from sticks, tablets, granular products and more.

POOL FROG Mineral Systems

Taking care of your pool doesn’t have to be a hassle. Consider the FROG mineral system for help in controlling bacteria, preventing algae and keeping your pH levels neutral which can help reduce chlorine use up to 50 percent. Choose from above-ground or in-ground cyclers and more.

Experienced Pool Care Maintenance Advice