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Rainbow Basketball Net Available Near Buffalo and Rochester, New York

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Rainbow Basketball Net

Idea R60 Rainbow 60” Hoop

Pro Style Heavy Duty Flex Rim attaches directly to the low profile support structure which allows:

  • Engineered to handle aggressive play
  • Designed to transfer energy directly to support structure
  • Eliminates stress applied to the glass backboard

Clear View Backboard

  • Our exclusive structural grade aluminum trim design allows for an unobstructed clear view
  • Our Clear View Backboard design provides consistent performance and ball rebound with no dead spots
  • Wide stance lower arms offer the best side to side stability performance

Effortless Rim Height Adjustment

  • Steel Encased and sealed to prevent water intrusion
  • Synthetic bushings prevent unnecessary wear
  • Massive 7/8in treaded rod is the largest in the industry

Feature: R60
Pole Size: 7 Gauge
Pole Height: 5’5” to 10’
Backboard Thickness: 3/8” Tempered Glass
Lower Support Arm: H-Arm
Anchor Bolt Patten: 9” x 9”
Warranty: Lifetime

side view of basketball hoop
basketball hoop
basketball hoop in yard

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