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Improving Your Property

Mulch and Borders Near Buffalo and Rochester, New York

Mulch & Borders

Perfect for backyard swing sets, playgrounds, schools, day cares, gardening and landscaping! See samples at the showroom or call 716-937-3341 for pricing and delivery information!

Rubber Mulch

  • One application lasts years and years
  • Won’t rot or break down
  • Fast Drying
  • One time investment
  • Available in many colors!

Wood Mulch

  • Most affordable initial investment
  • Needs to replaced or replenished as often as once a year!
  • Natural

Fun Timbers


  • Long Lasting Border
  • Any size or shape
  • Easy installation
  • Ramp available for handicap access
  • Won’t rot or fade like wood
  • Funtimbers are 4′ long x 9″ or 12″ tall

Call 716-937-3341 for pricing, ordering and delivery information!

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