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Personalized Spas. Home Hot Tubs In West Seneca, NY, And All Buffalo Communities.

Bullfrog Spas

The Only Hot Tub Designed Just for You

Bullfrog Spas are premium hot tubs with patented technology, personalized just for you. The only hot tubs to feature the one-of-a-kind JetPak Therapy System, Bullfrog Spas allow you to select your favorite massage, place it in your favorite seat and interchange massages at any time. Each JetPak® is engineered to provide a specialized massage sensation so you are empowered to create a soothing and completely personalized hot tub experience.

For a comfortable and reliable home spa, trust Alden Pools & Play in Cheektowaga, NY, and all Buffalo communities. With over five decades in the hot tubs and spas industry, you know that you can count on us to provide you with only the highest quality home hot tubs. When you shop hot tubs with us at Alden Pools & Play, you can expect low prices and quality products. And, for your convenience we offer installation services for all hot tub purchases so you can get to relaxing in your spa before you know it.

Continue exploring this page to learn more about our many hot tubs or fill out the form below to get in touch with a member of our team. Our store in Alden, NY, is open year round so you can enjoy a new hot tub no matter the season. We look forward to helping you find the perfect home hot tub. 


Thoughtful Seating

An image of one of the hot tubs near West Seneca, NY All layouts, seats, and jet placements in A Series spas have been carefully re-evaluated to provide optimal therapy experiences for the largest variety of people and situations. This includes a thoughtful mix of seat depths in each model, improved seating ergonomics, better jet alignment, a focus on safe entry/exit, and enhanced premium seating in proximity to conveniences like auxiliary controls and cup holders.

JetPaks®: Find Your Fit…

An image of different style of hot tubs for sale near Lancaster, NY The JetPak Therapy System™ helps you design your perfect hot tub experience with a personalized feel. You select your favorite massages. You place them in your favorite seats. You dial in the therapy intensity so it feels best for you. There is simply no comparison for a truly personlized hot tub experience.

Bullfrog’s Advanced Plumbing System Is Simply Better

Bullfrog Spas have up to 90% less plumbing and fewer perforations than traditional spas. Even if a JetPak® happened to develop a leak, which is extremely rare, the water would stay inside the spa. JetPaks® are so efficient that they have the portable hot tub industry’s strongest warranty.
Bullfrog’s massaging jets are fitted into our patented modular JetPaks® that rest within the spa. This means no holes need to be drilled into the outside spa shell for these jets. The hot tub remains virtually free of holes and, consequently, completely water tight.

Look at the difference. The Bullfrog Spa has 90% less plumbing behind the seat than the conventional spa below it.

Lower Cost to Own and Operate

Everyone says it, but data actually shows that Bullfrog Spa models are the most energy efficient hot tubs in their class.* Bullfrog Spas are the only hot tubs that utilize our patented JetPak Therapy System™. This technologically advanced and ultra-efficient water delivery system is designed with up to 90% less plumbing. This system, in conjunction with full foam and more efficient equipment, helps you save energy and ensures that you can relax without worrying about your energy bill.

*Energy calculations based on data compiled by the California Energy Commision and US Energy Information Administration.

Relax, you are saving energy & money…

EnduraFrame™ – The 100% Wood-Free Lifetime Hot Tub Structure

From the ground up, your Bullfrog Spa is built with precision and pride, using the best materials available.

Each Bullfrog Spa is built on our patented EnduraFrame™ support structure, a sturdy molded ABS spa frame made with no wood or metal so it will never rot or corrode in our harsh Buffalo winters. Our state-of-the-art spa construction methods provide enduring support for your hot tub and the thousands of pounds of water it will hold. The molded ABS EnduraBase™, EnduraBeam™ structural columns and other EnduraFrame™ components are precision aligned the exact same way every time with no human error. Forget your worries and focus on comfort and relaxation. Your Bullfrog Spa is well-built and worry-free.

Long lasting relaxation…

Providing Affordable Luxury Spas Throughout Buffalo and Rochester