20A Monster Castle Pkg II


The Monster Castle is huge and will allow your children to grow into their play set instead of growing out of it!


SALE PRICE: $5,199 installed 
The Monster Castle is a huge playset that your children will love even when they are older! The Monster Castle Pkg II is modular and can be added onto with monkey bars, a penthouse, and a spiral slide.
• Page 65B
• 14’ Width
• 26’ Length
• 1,710 lbs.
• 6’ Deck Height
• 9.5’ Swing Beam Height
• 11’ Safety Scoop Slide
• 3 Position Swing Beam w/ Header
• 360 Degree Tire Swing
• Rock Wall
• Jacob’s Rope Ladder
• Step/Chain Ladder Combo
• Binoculars
• Jumbo Ships Wheel
• Trapeze/Ring Combo
• Safety Handles at each entrance


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