Frog @ease Floating Sanitizing System


Floating Spa Santizing System using mineral and low levels of chlorine. Contains both parts of the 2-half cartridge plus test strips and start up shock.

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2-Half floating system contains one mineral half (lasts 4 months) and one Smart-Chlor half that lasts 3-4 weeks. This package includes one of each and test strips. Buy along with the Frog @ease SmartChlor cartridge 3-Pack for a full 4 months supply.

The @ease System combines the proven FROG mineral formula for killing bacteria with SmartChlor Technology that maintains a consistently low chlorine level for weeks.
Unlike normal chlorine that is used up when you get in, SmartChlor continues to maintain the same level which is up to 75% less than hot tubs using Dichlor (standard hot tub chlorine). That’s why we call it self-regulating. It goes to work when the hot tub needs sanitizing so there are no frustrating yo-yo chlorine levels. This time-released method is also why less shock is needed to maintain the hot tub. When the SmartChlor Cartridge is depleted, the system will flip over as a visual reminder to replace the empty cartridge with a new one.

How many times have you thought, “this hot tub is just too much work!” We set out to change that with FROG @ease that gives you that “ahhh” feeling of relaxation and peace of mind. FROG @ease combines our sanitizing minerals with SmartChlor Technology to kill bacteria two ways. The result is Fresh Mineral Water that’s silky soft with far less odors and the easiest water to maintain because it’s self-regulating. It knows when more sanitizing power is needed and automatically delivers it. When you need to do something, it flips over.

• Up to 75% less chlorine with no frustrating yo-yo chlorine levels
• Shock only once a month
• Self regulates for continuous crystal clear water
• Easy on hot tub surfaces with less odors
• Set and Forget
• No constant monitoring
• No mixing chemicals
• Money back guarantee