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Durable and Lightweight

Zen Hot Tubs Near Buffalo and Rochester, New York

Zen Spas

Premium Plug & Play Hot Tubs

Zen hot tubs is a new concept in portable spas that are made with a unique one-piece polymer shell. Zen hot tubs just plug in to your existing outlet and are lightweight, extremely durable and simple to maintain. Their contemporary look and affordable price is the perfect option for today's hot tub family.

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Sustainablue Spa Insulation

Zen Hot Tubs™ are made with Sustainablue Spa Insulation which is made from post consumer recycled denim that is thermally bonded. This Natural Fiber Spa Insulation contains no fiberglass and does not itch or cause skin irritation. Sustainablue is treated with a non-toxic solution that actively inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and fungi. This same treatment also acts as an excellent fire retardant, giving our insulation a Class-1 Fire Rating. Sustainablue insulation makes maintenance work easy and efficient. Unlike foam options, the insulation panels can be removed and reinstalled quickly, without affecting long-term performance.Click to learn more. 

Side Access Panels

All models come equipped with two large access panels on all four sides which allows for easy accessibility to the spas equipment; including the pump, heater, plumbing, jets, control panel, electrical hook-up, and light. This makes maintenance and repairs on the spa simple and easy. This is critical should the plumbing or jets need any maintenance down the road. This feature is not offered with any other one piece Polymer spa on the market today.

Solid One-Piece Bottom

Zen Hot Tubs feature a solid one piece bottom, which allows you to place your spa on ANY flat, level surface. There is no need to spend extra money having a pad poured for your Zen Hot Tub. Please see the Installation page for more information on Site Preparation & Delivery.

No Hassle Filtration

Zen Hot Tubs come with a simple to use filtration system that allows the filter cartridge to be removed for cleaning without having to remove difficult weir doors, or squeeze them out of tight and cumbersome places. Not only are surface particles removed, but the array of intake holes in the filter cover ensure that particles deep in the water are filtered out as well.

LED Lighting

A multi colored LED light is included with all Zen Hot Tub Models to enhance the water's appearance and create a soothing ambiance for a more enjoyable spa experience. There are multiple color options so you can fit your light with your mood.

Plug-In Ready

While most spas require expensive electrical wiring, all Zen Hot Tubs come ready to plug into a standard outlet. This can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in electrical costs. Just fill your Zen Hot Tub up and plug it in, its that simple!

Balboa Control Pack

All Zen Hot Tubs come with the advanced Balboa VS-300 110/220v convertible control. The control combines reliability with simple operation. It includes a top side control with function capability and a digital temperature readout. It is programmed to automatically turn the pump off after 15 minutes of high speed operation, for safety, and it is also programmed to provide freeze protection.

Digital Topside Controls

Zen Hot Tubs come with a simple and reliable digital topside control. The controller is conveniently located on the top lip of the spa. You can control the jets, temperature, lights and filtration times from this easy to use, convenient topside. The temperature is clearly displayed in a LED window on the topside.


Built for the planet, built for a lifetime!

Insulation made from sustainable denim material.

All waste and trim pieces are recycled and reused.

Lifetime warranty on shell that will not end up in a landfill.

No volatile organic compounds like other spas.

No Resin blown in manufacturing like other spas.

One piece, heat-retaining shell that traps heat in and reduces electrical usage.

Two speed pumps that filter and heat on low speed drawing minimal amps.

110V and 220V options that offer far less amp draw and electrical usage than most spas.

Made using natural gas, which is the cleanest burning fuel.

Material is recyclable.

No Fiberglass blown like other spas.

No Urethane blown like other spas.

Fewer emissions in manufacturing than other spas


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