CLOSEOUT- Sundance Splash – Berkeley


Includes Basic Delivery within 30 miles.


  •  (1) 2-Speed
  •  Traditional Filtration
  •  Lounge
  •  Easy Kleen


  •  36.0
  •  78.0
  •  78.0
  •  78.0
  •  78.0



Sharing relaxation with every family.

  • Combination of full-body lounge and contoured seats for total body relief
  • Easy-to-install Plug n’ Play option for all models or upgrade to 240V
    • Ambiance and premium touches 2-toned adjustable stainless steel jets
    • LED-lit adjustable water fountain
    • Footwell with LED lighting
    • Comfort pillows
    • Exterior LED corner lights
  • Quality construction for efficiency and strength
    • Patented Syncrylic® material
    • Simplified digital control system
    • Energy-efficient, supportive full foam insulation
    • Durable unibody construction
  • Easy maintenance for maximum enjoyment
    • Precision fit cover to lock heat in and keep debris out
    • Patented, simple filtration
    • Easy-to-clean and maintain, solid spa surface and wear-resistant cabinetry


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