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Loop Loc Replacement Covers Near Buffalo and Rochester, New York

Replacment Cover Headquarters

Perfect match for your existing cover, shipped directly to your home!

It's Easy!

Replacing Your Safety Cover? Here's what you'll need:

  1. Your old cover's order number
    • Can be obtained:
      • On your original paperwork/drawing
      • On the tag attached to the underside of the cover
      • By Calling the manufacturer: 
  2. Fill out the form on the left with your information and order number. 
  3. Wait for our quote! (24-48 hours max)

The new cover will be made to the exact specifications of the old cover!

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We've sold safety covers for over 35 years! If your existing cover is due for replacement, let us provide a quote for a new one!

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Who made your existing cover?

Can't find your order number? Call LOOP-LOC at 1-800-LOC-LOOP (562-5667) or Meyco at 1-800-446-3926 and they may be able to provide your number by the warranty card you submitted.

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